News has been hard to come by on Jamie since last year but I can now confirm Jamie has a record deal and will we releasing his debut single called “Bring Him Home” and its due out on the 15th February. Jamie has been signed to VVR2 records by Dave D’Mello. This is great news for fans all over the world who feared they would never see anything from this great guy. Thats the best Valentines day present I could want this year and I am sure there are many other people eager to hear it.

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9 Comments to “Jamie Pugh’s debut single “Bring Him Home””

  1. Vanessa says:

    this is amazing to hear these news about Jamie Pugh he’s got an amazing talent ,and amazing voice.. i am writing from america i hope to get the disc as soon as possible …Thanks Jamie Pugh ….sincerely one of ur fans Vanessa

  2. Michael says:

    What has happened to this so called single from Jamie Pugh, did he ever record one in the end ?

  3. myron waxman says:

    I think that Jamie is a fantastic singer. He will go far in the music world. I love listening to Bring Him Home. I hope that he makes other singing c.d.s

  4. myron waxman says:

    I think that Jamie is a fantastic singer and am looking forward to any
    new songs he will record in the future. And I loved Bring Him Home. It was beautifull. Thank you Jamie

  5. onthelang says:

    Jamie was so cool and had a brilliant voice looking forward to hearing him again. Australia loved the guy!

  6. andrew schmid says:

    where can i find jamie pugh ,bring him home verson that he did on bgt thank you

  7. Jacqueline may says:

    Did the record ever happen or was he another victim like Hollie Steel and 2Grand

  8. Caroline says:

    Yes and is available on a website that is a like a rainforest!

  9. john hughes says:

    Jamie has a fantastic talent which he will show to the world
    he will become a firm favourite throughout the world
    he is such a humble man good luck jamie
    from a fellow welshman

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